Juicy n Naked Figures


Welcome to JunaJuna.com, where I sell my anime figure collection.  Here are the terms of service for my services.

Shipping & Handling
I almost always ship within the next business day.  Because this webpage is hosted in Europe, the address format is not accurate for US addresses, but I can distinguish and correct them.  No need to worry.

90-day Money Back Guarantee
As long as you keep the item you receive in original received condition (including not breaking the seal of a brand-new item), you can return the item for a full refund within 90 days of the item delivery - no questions asked.  Please email me to get the return shipping address first. 

If you used Paypal: please note that Paypal transaction fees will not be refunded in this case, because Paypal will not return that to me should you request a refund.  However, you can request store credit to receive a full refund.

7-day Defect Notification
If the product you have received is defective or not as described, you must email me within 7 days of the item delivery.  After Photo/video proof of the defect is confirmed, you can return the item for a full refund + I will email you the pre-paid return shipping label.

30-day Return Timeline
All returns must be post marked within 30 days after you receive my return confirmation via email.  Thank you!

Product Images
Pictures and images are not photographs of actual products. Please find the Condition Rank about the state of the products for your reference.

Pre-owned Products
Leaflet, application ticket, code such as download codes, batteries, candy toy, are not guaranteed to be included with the item or not being used.

I can provide 10+ photos of the actual item upon request, just shoot me an email.

Payment Info

3% Off on Zelle/Bank Transfer/Venmo Payment Methods
If you opt to use 1 of these 3 payment methods, you can deduct 3% from the order total when you transfer the funds.  Great saving for you, because I save on transaction fees!

Bundle Discounts
$15 for purchasing 2 figures together, $15 extra discount for every additional figure purchased together in the same order.

Please enter the corresponding coupon code at check out.  If the coupon code doesn't match your actual order quantity, I will email you to request additional payment:
  1. $15 Discount for Ordering 2 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle2"
  2. $30 Discount for Ordering 3 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle3"
  3. $45 Discount for Ordering 4 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle4"
  4. $60 Discount for Ordering 5 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle5"
  5. $75 Discount for Ordering 6 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle6"
  6. $90 Discount for Ordering 7 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle7"
  7. $105 Discount for Ordering 8 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle8"
  8. $120 Discount for Ordering 9 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle9"
  9. $135 Discount for Ordering 10 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle10"
  10. $210 Discount for Ordering 15 Figures in the Same Order, code "bundle15"
If you are ordering more than 10 figures, please contact me to add more coupon codes.  Thanks!

Contact Info
Please send any inquiry to JunaJunaFigures@gmail.com, and I usually respond within 1 business day.
For urgent matters, you can call me on my mobile number (510)755-9898