Juicy n Naked Figures

Original - Binding Creator's Opinion - Creator's Collection - Caroline Yuri - 1/4 - Tanned Bunny Ver. (BINDing, Native)

Category Prepainted Classifications Binding Creator's Opinion, Creator's Collection Title Caroline Yuri Origin OriginalOriginal Companies BINDingBINDing As Manufacturer, NativeNative As Distributor Artist SakiyamamaSakiyamama As Illustrator Version Tanned Bunny Ver. Releases 10/31/2023 As Limited + Exclusive (Japan) 30,000 JPY (USD) • 4589890601840 Materials ABS, Magnet, Mirror, PVC Dimensions 1/4 H=350mm (13.65in, 1:1=1.4m) Various Castoff More photos can be found here
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